Fundamental Skills

Within each grading there is a requirement to demonstrate an increasing level of knowledge and skill through Fundamental skills, performance skills and the demonstration of various techniques. At the core of this syllabus is the Judoka’s ability to demonstrate fundamental skills and movements and an understanding of how these skills translate into technique and the practical application of Judo theory.
In addition to this the syllabus seeks to ensure player adhere to the Judo moral code and demonstrate this through their attitude and their interactions with others.


Balance on one leg
Hop on One Leg
Monkey Crawl
Monkey Roll
Walk a line toe to heel
Tsugi Ashi Movement
Right and Left Stance
Right and Left Gripping
Tsukiage (Bridge / bump roll)
Bunny Hops forward and Backward
Bear Crawl forward and Backward
Roll and Sit through
Ebi (Shrimping)
Gyaku Ebi (Digging / reverse shrimping)
Forward Roll
Forward Roll to Straddle
Tai Sabaki Movement

Closed Guard
Press Up, Squat, Plank
Double Lapelle Roll
Log Roll
Log Roll Arms and feet Extended Backward roll
Turtle Guard
Beanbag Walk
Belly down (flat guard)