Nage No Kata

The Nage no Kata was developed in 1884 and 1885 at the Kodokan. This kata consists of 5 sets of three throws, each performed on both the left and right sides. The two participants formally bow onto the mat and begin the kata with the tori, or thrower, on your right and the uke, or person being thrown, on your left. In each case, the uke attempts an attack on tori. There is a progression of attack styles here, demonstrating how tori must adjust to these differing attacks. Uke then changes his attacks based on the previous adjustments made by tori. 

Click Here for the official Kodokan Judo Institute Kata text book.

Te Waza (Hand Techniques)

Uki Otoshi–Floating Drop

Seoi Nage–Shoulder Throw

Kata Guruma–Shoulder Wheel

Ma Sutemi Waza (Rear Sacrifice Techniques)

Tomoe Nage–Stomach or Circle Throw

Ura Nage–Back Throw

Sumi Gaeshi–Corner Throw

Koshi Waza (Hip Techniques)

Uki Goshi–Floating Hip

Harai Goshi–Sweeping Hip

Tsuri Komi Goshi–Lifting Pulling Hip

Yoko Sutemi Waza (Side Sacrifice Techniques)

Yoko Gake–Side Hook

Yoko Guruma–Side Wheel

Uki Waza–Floating Throw

Ashi Waza (Foot Techniques)

Okuri Ashi Harai–Double Foot Sweep

Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi–Lifting Pulling Foot Block

Uchi Mata–Inner Thigh Throw